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Belay the narrow arrow...

He has been with us since a pup and is a Whippet x Boarder Collie. He is the only dog we have ever had that never steals. We left a cooked chicken in a bag on the dashboard of the car with Belay on the front seat. We left the car to nip into a shop (just for a few seconds folks!). The chicken was untouched, still hot and ready to eat. You can see how he has grown through our first book which began in his early days of puppy hood.

Likes - Toys - any type, but mostly the soft ones as they make a real mess on the carpet. Pens stollen from the coffee table or from the studio. Snatching anything out of Brillo's mouth. Oh and Brillo of course what a cool dog to look up to. Socialising, playing rough games especially with Lola or Hattie. Biting Brillo's tail, ear and neck (if I can get away with it).

Dislikes - Doing the wrong thing and making the hands that feed him cross. Being left on his own, even for a minute. Some noises, especially if he don't know what they are, like squeeky toys - Brillo is so brave he soon shuts them up before he long plays with them.

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