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Brillo the ol' dog...

He is the old dog, black with silver highlights and aptly named with his wiry fur. He was about four when he came to live with us. He has a fantastic character and is very vocal.

Brillo arrived with us as a stray, and suddenly we realised we had a problem when out walking as he couldn't get over the stiles. There were several attempts at carrying him over stiles at which he protested heavily on being lifted off the ground. He began to anticipate this in advance and would become stressed when faced with a stile. So much so, that he rushed through a small cut hole in stock fencing to the side of the stile resulting in a piece of wire going through his skin and coming out again leaving him impailed in the fence. This put an end to our Circular Walks for some time. It was from this situation we came up with the idea to create a series of books throughout Britain detailing the best dog-friendly walks available. Of course all are walks are without the hindrance of stiles and include information such as whether or not there is a stream/lake for water for your dog, in advance where you need to get your dog on a lead incase of a busy road and information regarding dog friendly pubs/sevices.

Likes - to sleep with a worn jumper or a shoe worn by the hands that feed him. To chase torch lights, reflections or laser pen beams. Sawdust, he licks it off the floor! The feeling of being 'Top Dog'. Teddy bears, although this is sadly a past time now as Belay rips them to shreds in seconds....even the non destructable ones. Digging - and he will do so on command, he will help dig many a hole. The car, although he doesn't like getting out once we arrive home. Sweets, but they are never on the menu, even when he stares with his best 'I'm going to die without that food' look.

Dislikes - Motorbikes, Postmen (only when in uniform). Belay - but only at rare moments, you know what it is like with a younger sibling, no toy are his anymore. Stiles - but thankfully they are only a distant memory and being picked up with a little help into the car is acceptable.

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