Belay - Pebbles - Frazzle - Jaffa - Bokeh - Ozark



He has been with us since a pup and is a Whippet x Border Collie. He is the only dog we have ever had that never steals food and not because of discipline. We left a cooked chicken in a bag on the dash board of the car, Belay on the front seat and left the car to nip into a shop. The chicken was untouched, still hot and ready to eat. You can see how he has grown through our first book which began in his early days of puppy hood. He loves to socialise with other dogs and rarely finds one that can catch him.



Frazzle is a Cairn Terrier cross. She was born in the winter of 2011. Her previous owners said she was nine months to a year old. We are currently teaching her to be a dog, as she thinks she is a barbie doll. She sometimes detests going outside, especially if it is raining or wet. She does like going for walks but hates mud and will refuse to follow if she has to walk through it. She bonded instantly to Belay and has now bonded with Ozark, they all play together really well. She certainly has the cute factor and she knows it!



Ozark is a Labradoodle puppy, born on 22nd October 2012. He is adorable, but what puppy isn't? He is a quick learner, and has bonded with Belay and Frazzle. Brillo howerver is too old to bother with him and Ozark has finally got the message. His paws at the moment are as big as Brillo's so he looks quite comical.


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