Useful Information

Be a Responsible Dog Owner

The Countryside Code - England and Wales

Remember the five steps and you will always be on the right track!

* Keep your dog under close control.

* Leave gates and property as you find them

* Be safe, plan your walk and follow any signs

* Protect plants and animals and take you litter home

* Consider other users

Remember, by law farmers are entitled to destroy a dog that injures or worries their livestock!

You know your own dog and if you do not have close control then keep a lead on around farm animals and wildlife.

What to do around Cattle/Horses

Cattle can get protective if they have young calves. Or on the other hand young calves can be inquisitive when walkers and dogs approach. Horses can also become defensive when they see a dog and this may be because of a past dog attack or just an instinct in some horses.

If cattle/horses are chasing you or your dog it is safer to unleash your dog . Do not try to protect your dog as you may be hurt in the process.

Our walks avoid where possible fields where cattle and horses graze.


Lots of dogs love to play with sticks but this should be discouraged as they can cause all sorts of injuries and some can be fatal. We have pictures in our book and on this website with dog's playing with sticks, some of them amusing but we never encourage it and certainly don't throw them for our dogs as this can be where alot of the injuries occur.

Walking with a Puppy

A puppy must never be out on a walk until you have been to a vet and had all the injections needed and your vet has given you the O.K to go out. Your puppy must only have very short walks to begin with as they are still developing and growing.

A good guide is five minutes for every month of age per day, for example a three month pup can walk for fifteen minutes. It is best to break the walks up for shorter periods several times a day. Get advise from you vet as certain breeds will differ.

Dogs in Hot Weather

Dogs are generally not good in hot weather and should be kept to walking in cooler areas such as forests and woodlands. Choose if possible times of the day when the sun is cooler - early morning and evenings.

Never leave without water and a container for your dog and NEVER leave your dog in the car even in the shade with the windows open as this is extremely dangerous. Many dogs die in the car in hot weather.

Walking the distance

There are certain breeds of dog that will relish challenging walks.  Some dogs may be able to walk all day if you want them too but don’t require that extent of exercise all the time.  Other breeds may suffer if you give them too much exercise. It is important that you know your dog and get the information about the breed that you own.  Mixed breeds will differ greatly depending on what crosses have gone into the dog. 

If you are unsure take the dog on easy walks to start off with and work your way up.

Breeds Suitable for Easy Walks

British Bull Dog- Yorkshire Terrier-Toy poodle- Shih Tzu

Breeds Suitable for Medium Walks

Staffordshire Bull Terriers- Airdale Terrier

Breeds Suitable for Challenging Walks

Generally the working breeds such as Border Collie- Springer/Cocker Spaniels- Most Terriers- Jack Russell-Setters- Husky- Doberman-





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